Our Core Values

At Gangadharpur Mahavidyamandir we believe in the transformational power of college education to impart knowledge and enlightenment in a global society. We believe higher education is a privilege and that an educated person has a responsibility not only to seek personal and professional success but also to contribute to a greater good. Our college Gangadharpur Mahavidyamandir is committed to following a set of enduring Core Values. These values are focused on the development of a sustainable institution and serve to guide the institution through changing times and shape our Mission, Vision, and Goals.

Academic Excellence and Success:
We value high quality education via a robust curriculum designed by the University of Calcutta to meet the career and transfer needs of our community.  We equally value quality and high standards in instruction and an environment of academic success and wellness for all of our students through effectively integrated support services, enhanced by professional growth for faculty and staff.

Transformational Learning and Growth:
We value and promote creativity, self expression, and critical thinking. We value learning and the pursuit of knowledge as lifelong processes of transformational personal and societal growth.

Assessment and Improvement:
We value continuous improvement through the assessment of student learning outcomes, program effectiveness, and our decision-making processes.  We use the results of these assessments to pursue improvements in our practices and student outcomes.

Vital Community and Access:
We value and believe it is essential to assist members of the rural and deprived community in gaining access to higher education and achieving success in their chosen endeavors. Gangadharpur Mahavidyamandir values its role in the community and is dedicated to strengthening and enriching the quality of life of all those we serve.

Positive Campus Environment:
We value and strive to preserve the unique cultural and aesthetic environment Gangadharpur Mahavidyamandir which is welcoming, pleasing, and safe.

Participatory Decision Making:
We value participatory decision making that provides each of us the opportunity to contribute ideas, bring forth concerns, and explore options in developing consensus. We value the roles of our leaders and representatives, share with them our impressions on matters of importance, and trust them to carry our input forward for discussion and consensus building.

We take responsibility for personal and professional growth and development. We continuously evaluate and improve our systems and policies and establish and communicate clearly defined and articulated goals and objectives. We ensure that our work adds vale to the College and District.

Civic Awareness:
We value civic and global awareness of contemporary issues. We promote the understanding and betterment of society and our world by engaging our students, staff and surrounding community in meaningful discussions and activities.

Social Responsibility:
We are focused on promoting the sense of social responsibilities in students by involving them in various social activities. This helps in creating awareness about latest and important social issues in individual and gives them a broader perspective of understanding the causes and possible solutions related to various social issues.

Environmental Sustainability:
We value our living planet by accepting responsibility and adopting practices to protect the environment for future generations and sharing these values with others.

Institutional Wellness:
We value an institutional attitude and culture that promotes and supports total health and wellness of staff and students.

We value teamwork, collaboration, communication, courtesy, and respect both on campus and with the surrounding community.

We value a community that embraces diversity, fosters individuality, provides an accessible, supportive climate, and encourages a variety of perspectives and opinions and through this we strive to improve education and the quality of life for all.

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