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Rules of College

Rules of College

Identity Card - After admission, a student is required to get an identity card signed by the Principal of the college, containing information about the student concerned. The identity card is a proof of her status as a student of GangadharpurMahavidyamandir. The college arranges a photo- session in order to provide the identity card. The possession of this card entitles her to the rightful privilege as a student of GangadharpurMahavidyamandir and use of library facilities of the college. The loss of college identity card should be reported to the office.

Code of Conduct - Polite and respectful behaviour towards the teachers, the non-teaching staff of the college and fellow students is expected from a student of GangadharpurMahavidyamandir. Students are required to maintain cleanliness. Keeping the campus clean is their responsibility. Anyone found littering will have to pay a fine to be decided by the Principal. All the students of the college are expected to participate in college activities like sports and cultural functions. Authority is not responsible for any loss of personal property. Students are not allowed to use Cell phones & other electronic gadgets during a Class Lecture. They can use mobile & other electronic gadgets in common room and canteen only. Students must go through the College Notice Board regularly for information. Guardians are requested to attend Parent-Teacher meetings when arranged by the College. Attendance of UG students are according to the rules of Calcutta University. Percentage of attendance 75% and above is necessary for a student to sit for the final examination.

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